Bruno Siqueira: meu intercâmbio no Canadá

Intercâmbio no Canadá
Intercâmbio no Canadá foi a escolha de Bruno Siqueira. A experiência e o crescimento de Bruno durante seu intercâmbio foi tão grande que ele dediciu nos contar um pouquinho de como foi seu intercâmbio em inglês! Confira o seu depoimento.

“What can I say about this unique experience?
Toronto is amazing, here I had an opportunity to know beautiful places, such as TN Tower, Niagara Falls, The Toronto Zoo and other unforgettable places.

Everybody says that Toronto is a multicultural city but just coming to here I could understand this.
It’s so easy getting around the city by subway, car or bus, you can go anywhere. People are extremely polite and always ready to help.

I also liked the English course at EC School. The teachers are indeed trained and the classes are dynamic and this was very good for improving my English skills.
If I have had this opportunity before, my English would be much better now, for sure.”

Bruno Siqueira
São Paulo- SP

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